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Culture creates corporate personality, Emori corporate culture has been firmly implement the strategy fully oriented corporate culture, cohesion, motivation, norms, and realize the brand optimization.
Our culture: integrity of the culture, a culture of innovation, implementation of the culture.
Cultural integrity is a serious and responsible culture. Including business, the customer, the team should be responsible for their own and earnestly practice, the implementation of each step. Culture of innovation to grasp the trend of market changes and continuously promote institutional innovation, management innovation, ideas, innovation and marketing innovation. Note that study, summing up successful experience of the industry, self-progress, the pursuit of excellence. Implementation is the development direction of the culture, thinking, clarity of goals. Word, focusing on results.
Our business objective: to be a staff favorite, customer profitability, customer satisfaction, knowledge-based innovation and enterprise.
My business goal: to become China's hardware industry leader in sustainable
Our Vision: We passed the level of industrial development strategy to achieve specific areas of brand extension and expansion of the product. To become conscious of the construction sector with innovative integrated service provider, the full realization of enterprise social value.


Our philosophy:
1, the establishment of employee groups to achieve optimal development concept.
2, "professional integrity, famous a hundred years" planning concept.
3, "customer satisfaction because we are not satisfied with" service concept.
4, establish security, stability, quality, professional production concept.
5, "professional worthy of trust" concept of responsibility.
Our commitment:
Integrity, quality, professionalism, innovation