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Door Closer:DMD-071
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Max. door size 600mm*1200mm
Max. door weight 65kgs
Function choice Non hold open / hold open
Dimension 182*42*63
Finish silver
Available for door wooden and metal door

Function and Features:

  Super aluminun alloy casting machine and the three layers of bringhtness painting will pretect it from oxygenation.

  Specially designed high-precise oil sealing to prevent oil leakage.

►  The closing speed is controlled by two adjustable valves. the adjustable section of closing speed is 180°-20°,the adjustable section of locking is 20°-0°.

►  The  high-carbon steel axis and rack work smart and less transfigure after being managed through high channel adjusting.  

  Qualified in the certification of ISO9001:2000 quality system.Two years quality guaranty let you never feel regret once you select it.