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Floor Spring:DMD-328_B
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Max. door size 850mm*1000mm
Max. door weight 75kgs
Dimension 260*122*51
Max.opening angle 116°
Section speed adjustment valve double speeds
Door action double way
Hopd open 90°
Suitable temperature -40°C - 40°C
Cycle test times 300,000

Function and Features:

  It is made by imported 304 stainless steel plaste, in elegant outer apperaance, the integrated design is luxury and attractive, compact, firm and durable, suitable for all high grade doors.

►  Two sections closing speed can be adjusted. The door can be opened quietly.The closing speed is stable,so that the people can go into and out the door conveniently.

  In extreme temperature changes,the door closing speed can still remain stable.

  The  hardware can be adjusted in all directions ,such as from side to side, up and down, back and forth.The installation is very easy.

  The door leaf can stop at 90 degree, providing convenience to people go in and out of busy places.

  Qualified in the certification of ISO9001:2000 quality system.Two years quality guaranty let you never feel regret once you select it.