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Floor Spring:DMD-328
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The max.door width(MM):850MM

The max.door weight(KG):80KG

Closing speed adjustment valve:90°30°

Latching speed adjustment valve:30°0°

The max. turning angle:116°



Suitable temperature:-4040

Turning times:300 thousand times

Function and Features:

u       It is  made by imported 304stainless steel plate ,in elegant outer appearance.The integrated design is luxury and attractive,compact,firm and durable ,suitable for all high grade doors.

u        Two sections closing speed can be adjusted. The door can be opened quietly.The closing speed is stable,so that the people can go into and out the door conveniently.

u        In extreme temperature changes,the door closing speed can still remain stable.

u       The  hardware can be adjusted in all directions ,such as from side to side, up and down, back and forth.The installation is very easy.

u        The door leaf can stop at 90 degree, providing convenience to people go in and out of busy places.

u      Qualified in the certification of ISO9001:2000 quality system.Two years quality guaranty let you never feel regret once you select it.