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Communicated with other exhibitors

Released date: 2010-09-18 Hits: 75

       The first session of the 104th Canton Fair was closed on the Oct.19th .Few purchasing agents to come ,so Guangdong  Rongsheng Enterprise caught the chance to visit the other hardware exhibitors. As the proverb goes,“Estimate correctly one's own strength as well as that of one's opponent ,emerge victorious in every battle. ” Rongsheng always carry modesty attitude to study with the people in the same business range. As a return, Rongsheng also shared the skills and experiences with others.

       Regarding to the global financial crisis, Guangdong Rongsheng Enterprise bore pressure to exhibit. Face the economic recession, many firms are going to bankrupt. Rongsheng also took some measures to prevent this phenomenon occur, such as adjusted the marketing mode. Someone who keep his head in confusion circumstances that can greet the nice day in the future. Rongsheng persisted the idea to operate. Rely on this happening ,Rongsheng not only want to manifest the image of DMD products,but also wish the people know the strength of the company. 

After a storm comes a calm. We are looking forward to Rongsheng’s prosperity.